In this magical place, everything is flat as paper. But an evil masked thief has kidnapped the princess and not happy with that he also stole the magic jewels from the king!

Now everything is turning into 3d, animals became evil and chaos threatens to engulf the whole world!

The only one capable of withstanding this madness is Flat, our little hero who can dynamically switch its shape between circle, triangle or square at will. Mastering the skills provided by each shape, he will be able to face the most wicked and dangerous enemies in order to save the Flat Kingdom!


  • Beautiful 2.5D worlds.
  • Rock, paper, scissor styled combat and puzzles.
  • Three characters in one!
  • Exciting boss battles.
  • Lots of extra skills to improve yourself.
  • Music by composer Manami Matsumae
    (Megaman, Shovel Knight).

All tracks written and produced by Manami Matsumae. Mastered by Dan Suter. Published by Brave Wave Productions.

Music by Manami Matsumae

Manami Matsumae is famously known as the composer and sound designer of the original Mega Man, making both the addictive music and the memorable sound effects back then. She worked along Jake Kaufman in the soundtrack of Shovel Knight, and other games like Mighty No.9, Heart Forth Alicia.

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Official Flat Kingdom Website: flatkingdom.com creditsreleased October 2, 2015



Fat Panda Games Studio is a company based en Yucatán, Mexico. Our mission is to deliver fun games with balanced gameplay and great graphics. In partnership with our publisher Games Starter. We are compromised with the gamers to deliver memorable experiences, inspired by the classics but with unique personality. We created mobile games as Ghost Apocalypse with RCK Games, and Lobo with Shotguns, but with Flat Kingdom we want to deliver our first hardcore gamer title publishing in steam game and also with a ps4 port.

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